A portal of wit and merriment... with some serious writing afoot for good measure.

"I am a writer... which means I struggle to string words together in such a way that people will view these seemingly random word trains as coherent statements of ideas, stories, or pure humorous dribble, sometimes even worth paying for.... uh, worth something for which to pay... uh, worth buying."

- Keith Chapman

Meet one Burt Maxwell, klutz extrordinaire, esquire. Librarian by life, afterlife explorer by death. After his untimely demise in an unfortunate clock radio accident, Burt explores the outer reaches of
the interbiological space known as the afterlife... with the sole mission of relaying what he finds to us mere mortals. Behold... the adventures of Burt Maxwell in... AfterSpace. Go there now!








I am available for freelance writing assignments. My experience ranges from:

  • Travel and Adventure Writing
  • Crosswords
  • Short Stories
  • Sports Writing
  • Technical Writing
    • software, science and engineering
  • Sales and Website Copy
  • Book Introductions
  • Grant Writing
  • Business Plans
  • Customized Fiction
  • Song Lyrics
  • Editing and Proofreading

Contact me if you are in need of a project quote.

I work within your deadlines and will deliver what you need. If I'm not a good match for your job, I'll tell you up front!